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Luxury Spa Headband

$7.00 $7.00

Upgrade your self-care routine with our Dripping Gold Luxury headband. This elastic, soft, and washable headband keeps hair off your face during skincare, makeup, and self-tan application.

Product info

A soft and plush spa headband to keep hair off the face when applying skincare, makeup and self-tan.

Our Dripping Gold Luxury headband solves all your self-care spa-at-home needs. The soft and plush headband keeps stray hairs off the face when applying self-tan, skincare, or makeup. The elasticated body stretches and fits comfortably over the head, and the soft velour is gentle on the skin. The black material masks stains, and it is easy to wash clean.

✦ Elasticated to fit over the head
✦ Black colour doesn't show stains
✦ Washable
✦ Soft on the skin
✦ Comfortable to wear

Cruelty-free and vegan-friendly.

How to use

1. Put onto your head, ensuring that your hair is tucked under, and your hairline is protected.
2. Wear while applying self-tan, makeup and skincare.
3. Wash regularly to remove excess self-tan, makeup and skincare.



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