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How do you fake tan for a sun holiday?

18 May 2023
How do you fake tan for a sun holiday?


Get your flip-flops out! Summer is just around the corner and we’re here with more of our top tips on how to get the perfect summer glow with fake tan for your sun holiday. 


Is it better to fake tan or real tan?


Sunburned skin, age spots, fine lines, and wrinkles are exaggerated with unsafe sun exposure to gain a real tan. This can even lead to skin cancer. Fake tan is a safe, risk-free, non-ageing way to gain a beautiful sun-kissed beach glow from the get-go without the dangerous side effects of sun-worshipping. 



How long before the holiday should I fake a tan? 


This depends on your tan preference. Your holiday fake tan routine should begin 1-2 days before your sun holiday. If you prefer a darker tan, more layers will be required so we recommend beginning your tan routine 2-3 days prior. No matter your timeline, use tanning mitts for a flawless application.


Fake Tan Tips on Holiday 

Does fake tan stop you from tanning?


In short, no! Fake tanning does not stop you from tanning. It is not a form of sun protection and will not block UV rays. Can you tan in the sun with a fake tan on? Yes! Protect your skin by applying sunscreen. Then enhance your natural outdoor tan by applying self-tanner or gradual tanners.


Is there SPF in fake tan? 


No, there isn’t a Sun Protection Factor or SPF in fake tan! You must always apply sun protection. It’s not only important to apply quality sunscreen to the body but also facial SPF moisturiser ensures a fully protected sun experience.

 two bottles of radiant daily spf moisturiser


Can you put sunscreen on fake tan?


Absolutely! Simply leave enough time for your self-tanner to develop. Then apply your sunscreen. Avoid oily creams, lotions, and sun oils as they encourage your fake tan to fade faster. Opt for oil-free SPFs when applying over fake tan.


Can you wear fake tan to the beach?


You’ll look every inch the bronzed goddess wearing fake tan to the beach. Relax safely under your parasol without fear of sunburned skin, tan lines, or premature ageing. After a dip in the sea, avoid rubbing your skin with a sand-covered towel. Pat dry to avoid unintentionally exfoliating. Smother your face and body in aftersun to keep the skin super hydrated. This will not only help your tan last longer but also keep your skin refreshed after a day at the beach.


 Model's on sun lounger wearing Dripping Gold Luxury Tanning Serum


Does fake tan come off in a swimming pool? 


If you swim with a spray tan or any tanning product, the chlorine will dry out the skin, resulting in your tan fading more quickly. To prevent this, take shorter dips into the swimming pool. Pat dry and reapply your SPF to rehydrate the skin when lounging. If only recently applied, avoid the water until the tan has had time to develop. Once your tan is developed, you’re pool ready! 


Is it ok to put a fake tan on sunburn?


It is not advisable to put a fake tan on sunburned skin. Wait until the healing process is complete. The skin is damaged. It needs care and hydration when sunburned. Be very aware that putting fake tan on over sunburnt skin may cause mild skin irritation at best or at worst, a reaction resulting in a visit to the emergency room. 


How to make a fake tan last on holiday?


With years of practice being bronzed babes on our holidays, here’s a breakdown of our step-by-step recommendations for a lasting fake tan on your sun holiday.

  • When washing, do not over-scrub otherwise your fake tan will be patchy. 
  • Gently exfoliate every evening to remove dead skin cells and fade the old tan.
  • After showering moisturise. Use an aftersun or moisturiser for both face and body to keep the skin supple, hydrated, and glowing.
  • Use a soft patting motion when drying off with a soft towel. 
  • Avoid too much sun - it dehydrates and dries out the skin. And remember, you cannot apply fake tan over sunburned skin! 
  • Avoid sunscreen with oil content and body oils. Yes, when oiled for an evening out, your tan will glisten, but remember, oil products in any form will speed up tan fading and its removal. 
  • Avoid saunas, steam rooms, and jacuzzis – remember our point on quick dips into water (this includes humidity). 
  • Top up your fake tan every 2-3 days depending on your desired shade of tan. 
  • If using a gradual tan or aftersun with tan, you can top up your tan every 1-2 evenings. 

What is the best fake tan to wear on holiday?


Mousse, liquid, lotion, or clear tan? It comes down to your preference for your holiday fake tan routine! We specialise in tanning products and our Dripping Gold Range has options for all glow-getters including dedicated face tan and instant tan. Cabin bag travellers! We even have you covered with our travel-size fake tan. All our tanning products are bursting with super hydrating properties, vitamins, and minerals so your skin will not only be sun-kissed but hydrated and glowing from the moment of application. 


three women in the sea holding bottles of fake tan 

Happy tanning! 

Love SOSU Cosmetics x

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