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Fake Tan Contouring: What It Is & How To Do It

25 October 2023
Fake Tan Contouring: What It Is & How To Do It

Fake Tan Contouring: What It Is & How To Do It


What is fake tan contouring?


Welcome to the world of fake tan contouring, also known by beauty gurus as “tantouring”. The self-tanner contour hack has taken the beauty scene by storm, allowing you to achieve stunning sculpted features on both your face and body. By strategically using fake tan to contour, you can create shadows to mimic the effects of traditional makeup contouring.

Enjoy a gorgeous, sunkissed radiant glow that gives your skin a healthy and luminous appearance, all while adding depth and dimension to your face. It’s a quick and easy process, and can be achieved in 5 to 10 minutes, with results lasting up to five days! It’s the ultimate “I woke up like this” tan tip to enhance your natural beauty. If you’re excited to try this technique, read on for our pro tips about tanning preparation and the best tanning products to use. Get ready to step up your contour game!


Dripping Gold Sleep Mask - Overnight Tanning Face Mask


How To Use Fake Tan as Contour


Step 1: Find your favourite fake tan


For contouring your face, we recommend using a face tan, specifically formulated for the face to ensure a natural, seamless result. Our favourite way to contour is by using either our Sleep Mask or Wonder Water for a base layer of tan, and then precisely applying our Luxury Tanning Serum to contour the desired areas.  


Luxury Tanning Serum - Dripping Gold


Step 2: Complete your tanning preparation


Before tanning, tan prep is key! Start by exfoliating at least 24 hours before applying the product to ensure a smooth canvas. Cleanse your skin to remove any makeup. Moisturise your face and body, allowing it to fully absorb for about an hour before applying fake tan. Remember to pull your hair back from your face to avoid any unwanted tan lines. Try using our Luxury Spa Headband to keep your hair protected and ensure no product build-up in your hairline.


Luxury Spa Headband -Dripping Gold


Step 3: Map out your face and body


To achieve the best results, focus on contouring specific areas. For the face, consider contouring the outer sides of your nose, your temples, underneath your cheekbones, and along your jawline. When it comes to your body, pay attention to applying the self-tanner between your bust, collarbones, inner arms and torso. Creating shadows in these areas will enhance and define your features.


Step 4: Use a contour and kabuki brush


We recommend using our Dual Ended Contour Brush for applying fake tan to the face, the shape and size of the brush is perfect for getting that detailed contouring. It’s dense anti-bacterial synthetics fibres effortlessly blend fake tan into the face, giving you that chiseled look easily. For larger areas on the body we recommend our Body Contouring Kabuki Brush. It’s size and shape of this brush gives you a seamless, precise application. Remember to use light, circular motions to get the most even blend.


Tanning Kabuki Brushes - Dripping Gold


Step 5: Allow tan to develop


Give your tan time to work its magic! Most Dripping Gold tanning products start to develop after 2 hours, but for the full-colour payoff, we recommend at least 7 hours before showering. Bedtime tanning is a popular choice, letting you wake up with a bronzed goddess look.


Hacks for Contouring with Self Tanner


Making your face contour last


Avoid using harsh exfoliants on your face and body that will strip the tan off and opt for lukewarm water instead of hot water when showering and washing your face. It’s important to continue your daily skin care routine and to moisturise your body daily to maintain hydrated skin and prolong your tan.


Picking the right shade


When it comes to contouring, choosing the correct shade is key. Look for a shade that matches the natural shadows of your face, this might mean that it’s not necessarily the same colour as your body tan. Wonder Water comes in two shades, light to medium and medium to dark, while our Sleep Mask has a customizable finish depending on how much you apply. Our Luxury Tanning Serum comes in three shades, Medium, Dark and Ultra Dark so you can choose one to match your all-over base tan.  


Wonder Water - Face Tanning Mist | Dripping Gold


Applying fake tan contour without it going patchy


Similar to applying your regular face tan, you need to ensure your skin is clean and free from any previous fake tan or makeup products. Exfoliate to remove any dead skin cells at least 24 hours before applying tan and moisturise to hydrate your skin. When applying your tan contour always use a tanning brush for precise application and blend evenly.


Find the Best Self Tanner for Contouring


Discover the best self-tanner for contouring in our Dripping Gold collection. From our refreshing Wonder Water face mist to our ultra-hydrating Sleep Mask, to our Luxury Tanning Serum, we offer a range of easy-to-use tanning products that deliver flawless, contoured results. Achieve your desired look with our collection.


Tantouring | Contouring with False Tan Before & After | Dripping Gold


Happy tanning!

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